River Cruise Holidays in Italy River Cruise Holidays in Italy are a very enjoyable way to explore the waterways and towns that make up the country. One of the more popular cruises is from Casier down the River Po and to Venice. The Italian waters are commonly traversed by self- catered cruisers or barges. The boat will need a license to navigate the waters; however, the operator of the boat does not. The license and any lock fees will be included in the hire fees for the boat. The food must be provided by the guests and there is always the freedom to stop at any restaurants or cafés that might catch the skipper’s attention. Stopping or mooring overnight is often free and can be done almost anywhere as long as it does not interfere with any water traffic. Mooring is always free at the waterside taverns.

Venice is a romantic Italian city that offers authentic cuisine, ancient architecture and magnificent artwork. It would be easy for those who take River Cruise Holidays in Italy to spend all of their holiday in Venice alone. Waterways and aqueducts wind their way throughout the entire city. The ancient city has a laid back and casual way of life; everything is meant to be enjoyed leisurely.

Choice of Boats and Boatyards River Cruise Holidays in Italy can be completely custom designed from start to finish. Whether the holiday is spent navigating the waters and only stopping at the small towns or villages or taking all of the holiday in Casier or Venice, it is totally up to the operator of the boat. If one would decide to travel further south of Venice, they would find one of the most beautiful protected lands of the country. The joy of operating a boat and discovery new landmarks are reasons enough to hire a river cruise. However there is so much more that this kind of holiday will offer than just boating down a waterway.

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