Self Catering Boat Hire in GermanyOne of the most beautiful regions in Europe is the waterways of Brandenburg and Macklenburg. This stunning network of lakes and canals are set in rolling farmlands and ancient forests. You will also pass through historic towns such as Potsdam and Brandenburg and see magnificent castles at Rheinsburg and Schwerin. Self catering boat hire in Germany provides a fantastic way to explore this spectacular region.

A great starting place for a boating holiday in Germany is the town of Lubz, which dates back to the middle ages. This region boasts fifteen thousand hectares of forest and thirty three lakes covering an area of fifty four square kilometres. You can also travel along the River Elde for a distance of one hundred and eighty Take in the Stunning Countryside Along the Riverkilometres.

Eventually, you will reach Lake Plau, which is one of the largest lakes in the area. There is a huge nature reserve, which is heaven for lovers of birds and wildlife. Brandenburg and Macklenburg provides perfect cruising conditions and the region is noted for its clean air and crystal clear waters. Self Catering Boat Hire in Germany is a wonderful way to spend a holiday in this beautiful part of the country.

The most popular boats to hire are cruisers, which are easy to operate and can sleep between two and ten people. They feature every convenience you need to make this a very comfortable holiday and with a short period of instruction you Choose from a Wide Range of River Cruiser Boatscan be on your way. If you want to be driven then you can charter a yacht, which comes complete with a skipper who knows these waterways like the back of his hand.

Self catering boat hire in Germany is a very relaxing way to spend a holiday with friends and family. Hire a boat for a couple of days or for a much longer period of time and take in the stunning sights along the way. This is a holiday the whole family can participate in from steering the boat to negotiating the locks. One thing is for sure, everyone will have a splendid time and they will thoroughly enjoy themselves.

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