Self Catering Boat Hire in HollandHolland is a country that is covered in canals, lakes and rivers making this ideal spot to enjoy a boating holiday. Boating is a way of life for the Dutch people and it is a popular

Beautiful Places to Discover on Boating Holidays

destination for British people wanting a holiday on the waterways. See the windmills and landscapes made famous by the Dutch masters and see the actual paintings in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Self catering boat hire in Holland is a fantastic way to explore this wonderful country.

Boats can be hired for a few days, a week or more and a typical trip would be from Woudsend to Sneek and back. This is a distance of around eighty kilometres and will take three days. Sneek is a great place to visit and it is the water sports centre of the Friesland region. It is also a good place to stop off at a café and try a slice of the traditional Boterdrabbel cake.

Choose from a Variety of Boats

A longer trip is from Woudsend, through Loosdrect, Amsterdam and end up at Strand Horst. This is a
distance of two hundred kilometres and will take fourteen days to complete. You can take your boat in to Amsterdam city centre but you will need a permit. Amsterdam is a fantastic place to visit with its colourful night life and world famous art galleries. See paintings by Van Gough, Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Just west of Amsterdam is the Keukenhof Gardens which are a blaze of colour from the millions of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. End up at Strand Horst

Well Equipped and Designed Interiors

which is a beautiful and natural marina with a Mediterranean feel about it. Self Catering Boat Hire in Holland will put you right at the centre of all these stunning places.

The boats can sleep from two to twelve people and they have every modern convenience you need to have a comfortable and enjoyable holiday. Self catering boat hire in Holland is a relatively inexpensive way to have a holiday in this vibrant country. This is a holiday where a good time is guaranteed and everyone involved will thoroughly enjoy themselves.

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