UK Boating HolidaysAre you tired of the same old holiday routine? Crowded airports, run down bed and breakfasts and unfinished hotels. Why not stay in this country and take to the many waterways on a boating holiday.  UK boating holidays offer a wide variety of ways to get afloat and that is one of the beauty of this style of holiday. The country is covered in canals, rivers and lakes and virtually every where you will be able to hire a boat.

Boats are available to hire for a short break or for as long as you want and while you are away you will feel the stress of everyday life leave your body as you gentle float along a river, surrounded by stunning wildlife and beautiful countryside.

Explore the Popular and the Remote Rivers and Canals

Cruise the Waterways of the UK

The two most popular boating holidays are in a narrow boat exploring canals or on a cruiser on the Norfolk Broads. There are a number of other ways to get afloat such as sailing and going on a cruise in the Scottish Highlands, but for total freedom the first two holidays mentioned are what most people go for. After a short period of training you can on your way and having a good time.

UK Boating Holidays are great fun for all the family and groups of friends and narrow boats and cruisers can sleep groups of around six people very comfortably and more in some of the boats. They are very spacious and well kitted out to ensure you will have a self contained floating home for the duration of your holiday.

Stop Off and Enjoy the CountrysideThere is no other holiday available where around every corner there is something different to see.  The landscape is constantly changing and one minute you could be going through a town and then you are surrounded by breath taking countryside.  Travel through tunnels, over aqueducts and through lakes teeming with wildlife.  When you feel like a break simply pull over to a waterside pub and have a well-earned drink and enjoy the excellent food.

Find Something for Everyone with the Boating Holidays

Enjoy the Boating Holiday ExperienceUK boating holidays have something for everyone and the children will love messing about on the river and getting involved with negotiating locks, whilst the adults will enjoy the peace and tranquillity this type of holiday brings.  One thing is guaranteed and that is when the holiday is over you will be completely refreshed and relaxed and wanting to do it again next year, or sooner!  There are always great deals and offers available so you can really enjoy an affordable break whenever you decide you want to set sail and explore the rivers and canals.

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