Waterway Holiday We are lucky in the UK that we have so many choices and options available to us when it comes to taking a holiday on the water. We have a range of canals and rivers that can be chosen from and the Waterway Holiday breaks and weeks away are a popular choice for holiday makers. Some of the best loved areas in the UK including the Norfolk Broads, Cheshire Ring, Scottish Lochs and the English Canal network can all be enjoyed.

The boat hire for a canal and river holiday can be chosen from a wide range of locations that are dotted along each of the main canals and rivers and from the boatyards you can choose your route and set off on your Waterway Holiday. The beauty of the river cruisers and the narrow/canal boats is they are very easy to learn to use and you will be off and running after a little amount of tuition. Once you have set off on your holiday you can choose how far you would like to go and which of the areas of the canal you would like to stop off at and spend more time. There are some fascinating sites to admire Wide Choice of Canal Boats and River Cruisers while you are boating and you can explore areas that you would most likely not be able to find on any other type of holiday.

If you have never considered a Waterway Holiday before then there are many reasons why taking one would be a great alternative to the more traditional style of holidays. Not only are the holidays relaxing and enjoyable but you can also experience a different way of life and explore the areas of the UK that other wise are not accessible. There is a very wide range of holiday choices available to you and many different sized boats too choose from, so if you are considering taking a boating holiday then check out the huge selection.

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