Waterways Holidays UK There is plenty of choice when you decide to take one of the boating holidays in the UK.  You can take to the rivers, canals and lochs and enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable holiday with friends, family or as a couple and there is nothing better than cruising in your own hire boat.  The Waterways Holidays in the UK have become incredibly popular over the last few years and they are now one of the leading forms of holiday in the UK and this means the boats are in high demand, so it is advised to book early to get the best choice of boats.

There are a number of different boats to select from when you go on holiday and you can choose a river boat or a canal boat.  The river boats are found mainly on the Norfolk Broads and this is the number one location in the UK for a boating holiday.  From here there are many boatyards and lots of different routes of which you can explore the local area and enjoy taking in some of the sights and sounds of the countryside.  The other main boating area to take your Waterways Holidays in the UK are the canal network of England.  This spans the spine of the country and there are lots of different canals too Plenty to See and Do in the UK choose from and each one of them has boatyards where you can start your holiday.

Ireland and Scotland are also very popular and you can explore and find out much more about the countryside within these areas when you enjoy one of the Waterways Holidays in the UK.  Take time out this year to hire a boat and set sail, they are easy to learn how to use and you can be off and running in no time and enjoying a short break or a week away on a boat.

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