Weekend Boat Hire in Cambridgeshire

Weekend Boat Hire in CambridgeshireCambridge and the surrounding county have so much to offer that Weekend Boat Hire in Cambridgeshire may not be enough for all the things that you want to do. Boating in the city of Cambridge has always been popular, from canal boats to the punts on the river. The city itself can keep people busy for hours with many historical and tourist attractions to take up your time.

Explore the Beautiful Areas with Weekend Boat Hire in Cambridgeshire

Weekend Boat Hire in Cambridgeshire is the ideal opportunity to explore some of the oldest colleges in the country. Corpus Christi College can be found in the centre of the city and gives a good idea of the Choose from a Range of Boats for Hiregrandeur of the university. Christ’s College lays claim to being the alma mater of Charles Darwin and Clare College dates back to the 17th century. The architecture of many of the colleges should be of interest to anyone who likes history.

Other tourist attractions which are perfect for those who are opting for Weekend Boat Hire in Cambridgeshire include the Round Church, which is widely considered to be the second oldest building in the city. There is a video tour and an exhibition which gives more information on the history of the church. Other historical attractions include Take in the Cambridgeshire Countryside with a Narrowboatthe Cambridge and County Folk Museum which details the history of the people of Cambridge. There are several small galleries and museums in the city which give visitors the chance to learn more about the area.

So Much More to See and Do with the Weekend Boat Hire in Cambridgeshire

Outside the city there is also much to choose from if you are sailing the waterways. There are many walking and cycling trails that you can explore as well as numerous picturesque villages which are dotted along the canals and rivers. The proximity to the Norfolk Broads means that there is also ample opportunity to explore further afield if you wish, and you may also like to consider the Norfolk Broads Boat Hire.

There are so many options for boating holidays in Cambridgeshire and nearby and in fact you have a choice of eight different boats varying in size for your holiday.  So check out the boats and the boatyards today and see for yourself how relaxing the fens and Cambridgeshire can be for a boating holiday.

imageIf you are interested in seeing and finding out more about the boating holidays then check out the video below as this gives you a great deal more details about what you might expect from your holiday, short break or weekend away.  Every region of the UK is different but you can always be sure the boatyards will offer a range of boats, tuition before you set off and provide a well maintained boat for your break.  The Weekend Boat Hire in Cambridgeshire is no different and you will be sure to enjoy a fun packed time at anytime throughout the boating season.

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