Weekend Boat Hire Norfolk Broads If you are looking for a fun weekend away or short break then consider taking one of the boating holidays on the Norfolk Broads.  For many people this is a main holiday but there is also many people who enjoy Weekend Boat Hire on the Norfolk Broads.  You can start your trip on the Friday, spend two nights on the boat and head back to your chosen boat yard on the Sunday, a perfect weekend away with friends and or the family.

If you have never considered taking one of the boats out on the Norfolk Broads before then you really are missing out, there is so much to see and do you will be amazed as you cruise along the wonderful waterways.  Take time out to stop off at some of the superb locations along route and explore areas on foot or by cycle.  There are lots of boatyards for your Weekend Boat Hire on the Norfolk Broads so you can check out all the different options and the sailing routes from each of the yards and find the best one for you.

There are some small boats which are perfect for only two, three or four people and then there are some larger boats which are great for large groups.  Each of the boatyards will have multiple cruising routes for you to take a look at before you go and you can decide where you would like to head, remember though you do need to get back to the boatyard (so do not go too far or you may not get back).  The Weekend Boat Hire on the Norfolk Broads is a great value break and comes highly recommended as something you should do for relaxation and fun.

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